6 Steps to Hiring Good Movers

By on 01/04/2016

How to Find a Reliable Local Moving Company

Are you about to move from your old house to a new one? Maybe you are changing your city with another or even moving across the country? To help you with that stressful and time-consuming process, you should consider hiring a local moving company. They will make this hard and emotional moment much easier for you. And to make the process of finding reliable professionals less difficult for you, we made a list of the steps you need to take before hiring a mover:

  1. Ask your friends, co-workers and family members. Also do a little online search for companies providing moving services in your area. Avoid websites that offer you to find a mover for you. It’ best to find it yourself and have direct communication with them, so you can avoid scams.
  2. After you get some company recommendations and find some online, you should do a little background check. Read reviews from previous customers on the websites you can find. Choose the ones with the most positive feedback and include them in your short list.
  3. You should end up with three to five options. Contact them, and after you make sure they have business license and insurance, ask them for a visit. They should see what needs to be done before quoting you a price. Request a written down estimate from the contractors that visited you.
  4. As you are getting estimates, put them in a folder and leave it open so the other companies that come in can see it. That way you will show them that you are doing your research and perhaps they will be more honest and give you a competitive quote.
  5. After you have collected all of the estimates, start comparing them. Be careful with contractors which services cost a lot less than those of the others. Look through the higher bids and see where the difference is. If you don’t understand something, call the company and don’t be afraid to negotiate. Since the market is quite competitive, most movers will work with you on the pricing.
  6. Now you should choose the company you liked best, and that’s in your price range.

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